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Individual Health Insurance Plans: Affordable Alternatives from Major NH insurers

  • SPECIAL ENROLLMENT PERIODS- Year round: Outside of the annual Open Enrollment Period, eligibility is available for certain qualifying events, eg. loss of employer group coverage, moving from out of state, getting married/divorced, having a baby, adopting, etc.
    • Click here for a more complete list of such eligibility events or contact us for assistance. Applications must generally be submitted within 60 days of the qualifying life event.
  • ‘ANNUAL’ OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIOD- (for all eligible individuals under 65): November 1st – January 15th

Instant quoting and online enrollment available (thru links below) for Health plans as well as Dental, Vision, Travel Insurance, etc.
For FREE assistance, call (603) 622-5700 click on ‘Individual Medical Insurance’ link below or click here to submit a Quote Request to agent.

Individual & Family Health

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Accident Fixed-Benefit Plan

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Travel Insurance

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Alternative Medicare Supplement Plans

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Dental & Vision - Enroll Now

Dental Insurance

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Dental & Vision Insurance

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Vision Insurance

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Telemedicine (and choice of savings plans)*

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Low (No Cost) Discount/Savings Programs

Low cost Discount/Savings programs, including the following*:

  • Dental Discount/Savings Program
  • Telemedicine Savings Program
  • Mental Health Savings Program
  • Health Savings Program
  • Walk-In Pharmacy
  • Rx Mail-Order (international options)
  • CBD Products

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Pharmacy Savings Program (Free Card)*

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Pharmacy Discount/Savings Program/Free Discount Card

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Affordable ID Theft Protection

Starting at $14.95/Month

Affordable Legal Protection

Only $29.95/Month

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*Are discount/saving programs (not insurance)